Friday, December 23, 2005


off to amsterdam......

enjoy your holiday.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Criminal Law Final

It's 12:37pm.

Final begins at 1pm.

I went to bed at 6:30am this morning and woke up at 8am.

I'm too exaughsted to be stressed.

I would kill for an open book exam right now.

Good luck all.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Studying for finals....

Do not weep; do not wax indignant. Understand. ~Baruch Spinoza

Sunday, November 20, 2005

From: Mr Serkiz

I had to remove the last post.

Again. I was not trying to imply anything about the Cheng's Assistant other than people in torts were becoming frustrated with his commentary.

In no way should this had been read as disparaging his character, or that he doesn't overall contribute positively to the class.

He understandably took offense at what I thought would be read by a handful of people who would have seen it in the context it was meant.

Cheng's assistant and I have since resolved the misunderstanding. He's a reasonable, articulate and genuinely nice guy.

I've removed the post because I believed some of the comments were needlessly cruel to him and others read far too much into the situation exacerbating the "drama."

I have never meant to be anonymous. The link to the blog is attached to my AIM profile which I give out freely. I don't advertise who I am because I never saw the need.

It seems though some commenter thought it necessary to do it for me.

So anyway, my apologies again.

The post wasn't written in the mean spirit it was perceived and the comment left by Cheng's Assistant didn't warrant the reaction it received.

Hopefully this is behind us.

I have a memo (to) finish.

Good luck on yours.


(This was a fascinating lesson on the type of drama something so innocent could spark in a social community so insular, sectarian and pressured to perform.......)

Monday, November 07, 2005

I can breathe again....


Sunday, November 06, 2005


I should be getting my memo back tomorrow. I've been operating with an anxiety induced knot in my stomach since I handed it in two weeks ago.

I'd be happy with a B. I can't bring myself to hope for anything more even though I know a B wouldn't justify the work I did on it.

This is definitely the most difficult aspect of law school.

The pressure.

I’m sure every section feels this way, but I really feel mine has a disproportionate amount of really bright, motivated and hardworking students. I think at least half of my section (or more) was dressed up on the day of the scholarship awards. As undergraduate, this would have been a welcomed prospect, and I try to think that way now, but then you realize only two of us might get the A in legal writing. It makes you want to be in the stupid section.

Are there really "smart" sections and "stupid" sections?

I've heard they put scholarship students in sections together to weed them out...…

Is this true?

I am not used to fighting for grades, having always done well thanks to hard work or inherent ability. I’ve realized that you can bust your ass, do everything exactly as you should and in the end it may not be enough to score the grades, law review, moot court, or the job you want. (A few 2L’s have more than once alluded to this)

The work has become daunting. The pace of classes has picked up. Finals are looming on the horizon….

I'll read for five or six hours a day, finish everything for the next day and then realize I should be staying up and outlining or refining my outline instead of sleeping, eating. Watching a movie...


There is always something that could/should be doing, and if I'm not, someone else probably is.

I havn't seen any nasty competitive in-fighting yet.…

Has anyone else?

Does it happen at BLS?

Now that winter is approaching and we have less and less daylight, there are days I leave my apartment when it's dark and get home well after the sun has set.

Looking forward to Christmas and New Year in Amersterdam...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Entrapment? Clearly.

I submitted my memo at 9:13 am, with two minutes to spare having spent the last two hours hunkered in a large cushy chair at Starbucks proofing and making last minute revisions.

I went was up until 3:30 am last night finishing the memo.

Would you believe that I didn't procrastinate?

I nasty head cold and a preparing for a conference kept me from any serious work on my memo until Thursday and Friday. Saturday the conference prevented me from doing anything more, and I spent most of yesterday working on it, taking breaks only to eat, go to Starbucks, and watch West Wing. (TOBY!)

It's distressing that you could spend so much time and effort on something and have absolutely no idea how it's going to be evaluated. I'd be happy with a redeemable B, and will allow myself to hope for a B+, though wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with a C or an A-.

I have a nagging feeling I've left out some crucial element, or missed some egregious typo or grammatical error.

I keep telling my self, it's the process of learning to write effectively as a lawyer that is the important part of these exercises, and then the fact that it was worth 40% of my grade weighs in.

If I do poorly on this I could be in an inescapable hole which could prevent me from having a chance at moot court, a position on law review, not studying abroad, loosing my scholarship and ending up unemployed with crushing debt after three years.

And then I remember to breathe........

I'd consider breaking social convention and drinking my self into a contented stupor if my stomach weren't already in agony from the excessive espresso swirling around, and the need to do the civil procedure that took a back seat over the weekend.

Now it's a waiting game.